Election Technology – Cost Efficient and Secure

Major Scale Consulting started working in the Elections field at the beginning of the era of computerized voting. Our consultants have experience with many of the major voting technology vendors and we have worked intimately with election jurisdictions in understanding how technology can be safely applied to the elections process.

Our consultants have worked with jurisdictions in every phase of elections, from poll worker management to logic and accuracy testing through post election audits.

Our consultants have managed and implemented systems that handle:

  • Forensic auditing of election equipment
  • Petition challenges
  • Voter registration, including online access
  • Electronic ballot delivery (for UOCAVA voters)
  • Deputy Registrar management
  • Poll worker management and training
  • Election day trouble ticket management

Our mission is to help you implement or upgrade your technology and procedures to take full advantage of the evolving state of elections technology, while still providing the utmost in election integrity.

Case Studies

Financial Industry A large mortgage lender found itself with outdated systems, insufficient IT talent, and an inefficient business process.

Health Care The leading web site for cardiothoracic surgery needed a business model that would allow the site to become financially self sustaining.

Professional Services The oldest and largest provider of management outsourcing services to the nonprofit association market faced a critical juncture.

Education & Academia A top ranked law school needed to know how to streamline their overall operations.

Government A government agency suffered an embarrassing public project failure and needed to build a PMO.

Manufacturing A boutique manufacturer needed to rethink their entire IT organizational structure.

Elections A large election jurisdiction wanted to improve their election preparation and audit procedures.